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Retiros JustBU


5 Days Holistic Healing with Detox, Meditation, Yoga and Medicinal Sweat Lodge

27th APR - 1st MAY

You are invited to a journey back to yourself.

Spring is nature’s birthing season. A time for creation and development, and a good time to take a look at your life and make changes. What do you want to clear out of your life, within yourself? What do you wish to see happen in your life?

The feeling you get after a detox like this is amazing! You will feel increased bouts of energy, eliminate cravings, lose weight, reduce bloating and inflammation. Your mind will become clear and focused, and even your mood will improve. You will find a new glow, and feel ready to embrace life again with new strength and inspiration. Sounds pretty good, right? And the best part is that is is true!

We know - we have done it!

In this retreat we offer you a Detox plan that will help to cleanse the body from toxins, heavy metals, viruses  pathogens and other impurities. Through a Detox you improve your immune system, improve digestion, relieve aches and pains, diminish inflammation, improve sleep and increase libido. By only giving the body liquid nutrition we give it a well deserved rest, taking the load off the liver, kidneys, and bowels - while at the same time supporting and improving their performance.

Daily Yoga, Breathing and Meditation practice, support and increase your body ability to detox, increase your energy, calm your mind and tone your body.

Holistic Health Coaching Workshops, where you learn about how to nourish yourself better, receive self-development tips, and are introduced to a more holistic approach to life.

We will also include a Medicinal Sweat Lodge, that deepen your detoxification process, introducing healing herbs and ancient medicine wisdom, allowing both a physical and emotional cleanse.


4 nights’ accommodation in DBL, SGL or TRP occupancy;

5 days of fasting with juices, broths and smoothies;

1 Integral Yoga Hatha session per day - each class is approached as a complete yoga practice, with some chanting, asanas or physical postures, deep relaxation, pranayama or breathing practices and a short meditation;

Breathing exercises and meditation workshops - to deepen your experience and practice and for questions and clarifications

3 Holistic Health Coaching Classes - learn about the benefits of cleansing, clean eating, nutrition beyond food, mindfulness and self-development;

1 Medicinal Sweat Lodge (optional) - a sacred ceremony of rebirth and letting go, leaving you with a new sensibility, softness and presence. Intended as a spiritual reconnection with the creator and Self, and a respectful connection to the earth itself, along with purging toxins out of the physical body.


More information about sacred sauna please visit:  FeminineConsciousness

Free time for relaxation, walks in nature and other activities.


Natural Hygiene Gift Pack

Transfers are not included, but we will be glad to help you organize transportation from and/to the airport.

Sample Daily Program:

08:00 – Detox Juice and Tea

08:30 – Yoga Practice

10:00 – Smoothie

Free Time

12:00 - Juice and soup

13:00 – Holistic Health Coaching Class

15:00 – Smoothie

Free Time

18:00 - Yoga/Meditation/Deep Relaxation/Breathing Practice

19:30 - Soup

*this program is subject to changes.


Casa Shanti is located at Penedo do Lexim, near Mafra, just 30 minutes away from Lisbon and 10 Km away from some of the most beautiful beaches in the region. Conceived as a place for resting, here you will have the  opportunity to live an experience different from the usual routine, where comfortable accommodation is provided and beautiful gardens in terraces with leafy trees and ornamental plants invites you to be close to nature.

More information about the venue please visit: Casa Shanti?

Special Notes:

No previous practice of yoga or experience of detox needed.

All levels welcome.

Instructions in English

Spoken Languages:


English, Swedish and Portuguese


E recebe em primeira mão, todas as novidades sobre os cursos de Thetahealing, retiros e outros conteúdos.

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